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Historical movies

Classroom Handouts
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Classroom Handouts (Back to the top)

Why Study History? Page with quotation from Thucydides on why his historical writing was important (and by extension, why all history is)

Term Paper Guide  This is a generic term paper guide that I used to pass out to students in all my classes.  

MLA Formatting Guide  If you are unfamiliar with the MLA style, this webpage will give you basic instructions and examples in formatting with MLA.

History 8A/103 (World Civilizations: to 1400) (Back to the top)

Introductory Material
103 Spring 2019 Syllabus
103 Summer 2019 Syllabus
Digital textbook at Amazon.com
Essay Outline Form
Essay Template

Middle East & Iran      China &  India                 
Greece                                       Rome Church, Middle Ages, & the Renaissance
Agricultural Revolution Indo-European Chart Roman Timeline Christian Apologists
Sumerian Chronology Confucianism Ancient Sparta Roman Assemblies Eastern Roman Empire Chart
Egyptian Chronology Legalism Pericles' Funeral Oration Tiberius Gracchus Charlemagne
Mohammed's Last Sermon Imperial China Plato on Social Contract Fall of the Roman Republic Emergence of Medieval France
Bronze Age Chart Chinese Philosophy Mixed Constitution Proscriptions of 43 BC When did the Middle Ages Start?
Egyptian Religion Readings
Wang Anshi, Reformer Archaic & Classical Greece
Reforms of Augustus Caesar Renaissance Chart
Trade Goods Map
Religions of India Alexander the Great Cursus Honorum  Magna Carta (one page summary)
Mesopotamian Mathematics
Edicts of Ashoka Mycenaean Greek Pics
Reign of Justinian Magna Carta Reading
Israel Timeline Silk Road Axial Age Salvian on Escape to Barbarians Christian Ethics
Israel's Impact
Stoicism Causes of the Fall of the Roman Empire in the West Feudalism
Hellenistic World
Economics of Early Empire Erasmus Praise of Folly
Justinian Plague

History 8B/104 (World Civilizations: 1400 to present)(Back to the top)

Introductory Material
8B Fall 2014 Syllabus
104 Fall 2019 Syllabus
Essay Outline Form
VVC textbook at amazon
BCC textbook at Amazon
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Europe through the 1600s
1700s-1800s Europe 
Africa & Latin America
Asia Europe & USA, through 1920s
Europe & USA, 1930s and beyond
Timeline for 1400s & 1500s Writers of the 1700s
Caravans of Gold Video (part 1) Road to Indian Independence World War I Timeline Depression & New Deal
Luther's Open Letter to the German Nobility Adam Smith on Economics of Colonies Caravans of Gold (part 2) Ottoman Empire Wilson's 14 Points World War II Timeline
Mercantilism Chart Communist Manifesto Excerpts
Triangle Trade Chart Zou Rong Keynes' Economic Consequences of the Peace (Versailles) Kennan's Long Telegram Readings
Protestant Reformation Chart Events Leading up to the American Revolution Africa Kingdoms and Slavery Readings
Mao's Programs Events Leading to World War I Cold War and Containment
Triangle Trade Chart Separation of Powers in the Constitution Latin America in the 1800s Nathuram Godse's Defense for Assasinating Gandhi Versailles Readings Fall of the Soviet Union Timeline
Scientific Revolution
Industrial Revolution
East India Company Early USSR Readings Fall of the USSR
English Civil War Social Contract
China 1900s Readings Parliamentary System Reaganomics
Colbert's Reforms Locke and the Enlightenment
Opium Wars and the Taiping Rebellion Versailles Chart Bush Doctrine
Feudalism & Absolutism Four Key Events in 1800s Europe
Six-DayWar Transcript Life of Haya-Lea Detinko
Decision to Drop the Bomb
East India Company Understanding the French Revolution
Why the US Supports Israel Transcript Gulag Archipelago excerpt, early Soviet History
Reasons Germany Lost WWII
Navigation Acts Darwin and Evolution

Ottoman Empire and Rise and Fall of the Great Powers
Poverty in the Developing World
Absolutism Lecture Notes
Karl Marx Excerpt
Why I Left India (again)

Absolutism Methods Chart Bashing the Industrial Revolution
Meiji Restoration

Rise and Fall of the Great Powers Ottoman Empire and Rise and Fall of the Great Powers

Seven Years War

History 2A/117 (Early US History)(Back to the top)

Introductory Material
History 117 Fall 2019 (Tuesday Only)
History 2A Spring 2020
History 117 Fall 2019 (Tue-Thu)
Class textbook at Amazon (BCC-Ft. Irwin)
Class textbook at Amazon (VVC)
Digital Format for textbook
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1600s 1700s (up through Revolutionary War) 1700s (Constitution and after) Early 1800s 1830s through Reconstruction
Writers of the 1700s
Antifederalist Arguments Against the Constitution Day the World Took Off Video Fugitive Slave Act
Mercantilism Chart Events Leading up to the Revolution Interpreting the Constitution Monroe Doctrine Readings Civil War Timeline
Cycle of Constitutions Excerpts from Common Sense Separation of Powers in the Constitution Jefferson's Letter on the Missouri Compromise Republican Party Platform 1856
Triangle Trade Chart Smith, Pitt, Henry Readings Constitution Readings Cobbett's Letter to the Luddites Presidential and Congressional Reconstruction
Calvinism and Covenants Locke and the Enlightenment Checks and Balances Revival & Reform Readings Lincoln, Stevens, and Douglass Speeches
Massachusetts Body of Liberties Selection from Henry Gipson's The Coming of the Revolution Hamilton's Mercantilist Program Westward Expansion Dred Scott Decision (excerpts)
Scientific Revolution Social Contract Compromises in the Constitution
Henry Clay Handout Andrew Jackson and the Bank War
Bacon'sRebellionPhilip'sWar Readings French and Indian War Chart Federalists & Democrat-Republicans
Industrial Revolution Chart Clay and the American System Speech
Philips Journal from the Hannibal Articles of Confederation by the Numbers United City States of America: NYT Article Panic of 1819 IndivisibleUnion
Navigation Acts Samuel Adams' Circular Letter Electoral College
Judicial Review (Marbury vs. Madison) Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

Parallels among British, Spanish, and French Colonization
George Washington on Factions
Calhoun's Exposition Chart Tariff Wars

Global Colonization Issues

Indivisible Union Causes of the Civil War

Monroe Doctrine Chart Reasons for the Union Victory

Bashing the Industrial Revolution

Marc Andreessen on Robots & Jobs: Original Article; My Copy

History 2B/118 (Later US History)
(Back to the top)

Introductory Material
118 Winter 2020 Syllabus
Class Textbook on Amazon (VVC)
Digital Format for VVC Textbook
Class Textbook at BCC-Ft. Irwin
Essay Outline Form
Essay Template

Civil War &
Reconstruction Era
Industrialism and Populist Era (late 1800s-early 1900s) World War I and its Aftermath Depression & the New Deal, WWII,  the 50s & 60s Reagan Era, War on Terrorism, and International Trade
Presidential  & Congressional Reconstruction  Industrial Revolution World War I Timeline New Deal Chart Reaganomics
Lincoln, Stevens, and Douglass Speeches
Progressive Movement and a New View of Government Events Leading to World War I Chart Depression & New Deal readings
Henry Grady New South Progressive Movement Chart Wilson's 14 Points
World War II Timeline Foreign Trade Readings
Causes of the Civil War
Sumner & Mahan 1890s Imperialism Keynes' Economic Consequences of the Peace Kennan's Long Telegram Readings Fall of the USSR Readings
Civil War Timeline Antitrust Chart Versailles Readings Cold War and Containment Bush Doctrine Speech

Antitrust Readings Versailles Chart
US Isolationism Bush Doctrine Chart

Rise of the Union Movement Mellon Tax Cuts
Decision to Drop the Bomb Sixties Interview with Buckley and Hitchens

Teddy Roosevelt World War I on the Home Front
Reasons Germany Lost WWII
Fall of the USSR Timeline

William Jennings Bryan Cross of Gold Speech
Recall of General MacArthur: Truman's Speech & MacArthur's Reply
Yuri Yarim-Agaev Interview

Andrew Carnegie and the Gospel of Wealth
McCarthy Era Chart Foreign Policy Reading (Kennedy's Rise & Fall of Great Powers)

Bashing the Industrial Revolution
Parliamentary Systems Yuri Yarim-Agaev Transcript

Vietnam War Chart Milton Friedman Interview Transcript

Dictatorships & Double Standards

Iran-Contra Affair
Reagan Speech to Parliament, 8 June 1982 (link to full version)
Reagan Speech to Parliament (excerpts from class presentation)
NY Times Article on Why iPhone is not Made in America

History 130 (Early Latin American History)(Back to the top)

Introductory Material
130 Fall 2018 Syllabus
Class Textbook on Amazon
Essay Outline Form
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Ancient Amerindian Civilizations Latin America on the Eve of European Contact Conquest Latin America
Colonial Era (Chs. 4 & 5)
Latin American Society (ch. 6) & Bourbon Reforms (ch. 7) Independence & Early 1800s
Agricultural Revolution chart
Inca Civilization Columbian Exchange Latin American Mercantilism Approaches to Legal Rights Bolivar's Speech at Angostura
Mayan Civilization
Inca Readings Columbus' Contract with Ferdinand and Isabella
Adam Smith Quote Society of New Spain Monroe Doctrine

Aztec Readings (Cortes excerpts) Bakewell reading (one page)
Government of Spanish America
Haciendas Federalistas vs. Centralistas

Flower Wars

Las Casas Reading
Comunero Plan de Iguala

Aztec Timeline

Spanish Mercantilist Policies
Habsburg Consensus,
Bourbon Absolutism
Rise of the Caudillos (Rosas)

Slave Trade Readings
Parallels between Britain and Spain Caste War
Slave Trade video from youtube (from 2:16 to 17:00 was what we saw in class)Comparison between levels of taxation of the British Colonies & New SpainEarly Mexican Independence Documents
Atocha video (we saw in class, from 2:20 to 9:27; and from 22:40 to 26:02)Navigation Acts (British mercantilism)Neocolonialism
Pirates of the CaribbeanPorfirio Diaz
Church in Latin America
Spanish and Native Indian Religion in Latin America
Religious Nonconformity in Peru
Council of the Indies
Encomiendas Controlled by the Spanish Crown

History 131 (Later Latin American history) (Back to the top)

Introductory Material
131 Syllabus (Spring 2019)
Class Textbook on Amazon (VVC)
Essay Outline Form
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Leading up to Independence Independence & Early 1800s Mid to Late 1800s (from French
Intervention onward)
Early 1900s Post World War II
Columbian Exchange Bolivar's Speech at Angostura Porfirio Diaz Reading US-Nicaragua Timeline Castro & Cuba
Aztec Readings (Cortes excerpts) Monroe Doctrine Neocolonialism Sandino & Coolidge Readings Peron & Peronism
Inca Empire Federalistas vs. Centralistas Benito Juarez Neocolonialism Jorge Luis Borges: Circular Ruins
Latin American Mercantilism Plan de Iguala Letter from Victor Hugo to Puebla Positivism & the Cientificos Jorge Luis Borges: Library of Babel
Adam Smith Quote Rise of the Caudillos (Rosas) Andrew Carnegie Excerpts Cardenas & Oil Expropriation, 1938 Jorge Luis Borges: The Traitor and the Hero
Inca Readings Caste War Haciendas Import Substitution Industrialization Contras (Enrique Bermudez excerpt)
Flower Wars Society of New Spain
Guano Boom
Prebisch Quote
Iran-Contra Affair
Columbus' Contract with Ferdinand and Isabella Critical Account of Rosas

USMCA (formerly NAFTA)
Bakewell reading (one page)

30 Years of Politics & Personalities
in Nicaragua

History 157 (Native American History)(Back to the top)

Syllabus 157

Pueblo Readings Set (Zipped File) Iroquois Introduction (10/2/07) Lakota Sweat Lodge Second Battle of Adobe Walls
Apache stories Indian Culture and the Horse Iroquois Constitution Iroquois, Susquehannockj, and the Revolutionary War Comanche Timeline
Apache Creation Story Choctaw Horse Legend Descriptions of Longhouses Iroquois and Agriculture Pros of Indian Gambling
Timeline of Events in Apache History Blackfoot Warfare Rosebud Reservation Sweat Lodge Extra Credit Assignment Cons of Indian Gambling
Geronimo's Own Story Blackfoot Buffalo Hunting Crow Native American Sweat Lodge Indian and the Buffalo Uranium Mining on Navajo Lands
Protest at Desert Rock